4. April 2011

Vogelsang –
The City in the Forest

Zehdenick is located about 50 km north of Berlin, on the edge of the Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide Chorin. After the Second World War, in 1952, one of the largest locations of the western group of the Soviet Armed Forces was created in the forest area west of the Zehdenicker district Vogelsang.

In the Vogelsang barracks, the 25th Tank Division, the 162nd Tank Regiment, the 803rd Rifle Regiment, the 1702nd Flak Missile Regiment, and the Tactical Missile Department were stationed. Temporarily, more than 15,000 Russian soldiers and civilians lived in the “military city”, which was the largest built-up property outside the Soviet Union.

The photos were taken in April 2011.

Officers Gym

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