23. August 2018

Peenemünde –
Progress and Destruction

In the north of the Baltic Sea island Usedom was between 1936 and 1945 the development and test site of the german army (HVA Peenemünde). Mainly the first functional large rocket unit 4 (A4, later in Nazi propaganda “retaliatory V2” called) was developed and tested in this military restricted area under the technical management of Wernher von Braun. With its first successful flight on October 3, 1942, the ballistic missile was the first man-made object to penetrate into the outer space. In general, Peenemünde is therefore considered the “cradle of space travel”.

One of the last surviving buildings of the “HVA Peenemünde” is the former power plant, which at the time was considered the largest in Germany. Today, the site around the power plant is home of  the “Peenemünde Historical Technical Museum”, which provides information about the history of this place.

The photographs were taken in August 2018 on the grounds of the museum and in the buildings of the power plant.

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